A Night of Spiders – en ny discipline för Vampire: the Masquerade

• Web of Deceit

The character can create webbing from any part of his body. Usually from the hands. The web is quite sticky, but very strong. Both of these traits can be modified by the creator. For example, it would be easy to touch something and begin a web that would be spun out of the hands to make cables or ropes. You can attach things, glue things (though not very well,) tie people up, by covering one’s face with webs you can blind them then cocoon them, the possibilities are endless. The webs cost 1 bloodpoint to create, for as much web as you can make in d10x your Arachnia skill minutes. you can not throw the webs or project them very far from your body. If you create A LOT of webbing, the ST may require you to spend another blood point. The webs dissolve in sunlight. To Cocoon someone is a very distinct process taking about fifteen to thirty minutes. The victim must be immobile, and one blood point must be spent for the amount of webbing used.A person is considered cocooned when they have no more body left exposed to the air. It is up to the ST to decide whether or not the webs can be cut etc.

•• Kiss of the spider (wo)man

By touching someone and expending a blood point, you can paralyze them. They become immobile but remain conscious. For mortals, this will (unless they are very hardy) last five to six hours. Vamps and other preternaturally strong creatures can try to break out of the parlays by rolling their Str-3 v.s. your Arachnia. One of the most…useful properties of this power is that anyone cocooned in a web can be paralyzed by this power. Usually, skin to skin contact is needed. If someone is webbed and then paralyzed, the webbing will actually continue to carry the poison into their veins through direct skin contact. If anyone fails their roll, they must wait another six hours before trying to make another one, unless they are webbed, in which case the must wait ten hours. In direct sunlight, the poison will disintegrate, leaving the person groggy but awake.

••• The Itsy Bitsy Spiders

At this level, the vamp can actually begin to connect to the spiders around him. He can call them (Arachnia times d10 spiders will appear in a few minutes if he concentrates.) He gets a rudimentary feel for their senses and language and can use them as reconnaissance. Spiders are not terribly reliable because they get detracted easily. This power is pretty much up to ST discretion to adjudicate, but it’s possible that with an Arachnia roll, the vamp could see through their eyes. At each level above three, the control over spiders gets better and the commands can be more complex etc.

•••• Skitters in the Dark

At this level, the vamp can dematerialize into a minor horde of spiders. An Arachnia roll is made, multiply the result by 100, which is the approximate number of spider that are created. The Vamp is not in any one of these spiders, but in all of them. They move as a horde and can cumulatively bite people as if they were one vampire. They can split up, commingle with the spider population, etc. They must be back together by daybreak or the vamp dies pretty final death. For each 100 spiders killed, lost, or otherwise detained, one bloodpoint is lost when the vamp reconstitutes. The vamp must spend two bloodpoints to do this, but the transformation is immediate. Any spiders left out of the meld in the morning turn into little blechy puddles of blood.

••••• Creeping Horror

At this level, the vampire can create the creeping horror effect. It is visually stunning and very scary and can cause arachnaphobics to go insane. The vampire will immobilize for a moment, then begin dropping spiders from their mouth. Actually any bodily orifice will do, but the ears look pretty silly. You could actually poke out your own eyes if you wanted a TRULY grotesque spectacle. The spiders can be called as quickly or as slowly as one needs. Just a few can be called or a torrent can poor forth from the vampire. Each spider can spin webs, etc. The vampire losses almost all his blood while doing this. 100 spiders can be called per blood point. The spiders are under the total control of the vamp who can send them to attack, drink blood, etc. If the spiders drink from someone, they will bloat slightly and turn bright red. When the vamp has no more use for them, the spiders will return to his body, imparting with them any blood that has been taken. It is usually good to have the spiders feed while out, because they only return with half the bloodpoints (round up) than they did before. Any blood gained feeding will also be halved. For example: Sammy gets REALLY angry at someone. He uses eight bloodpoins to make eight hundred spiders. If they don’t feed, when they get back, Sammy will only gain four blood points back. However if the spiders feed on B-Style (using the same tables that a normal vampire would use for feeding on another vampire) for eight blood points, then Sammy will gain eight blood points when he calls back the spiders.